The artist

Suzanne is an American born Canadian, of Palestinian origin, who lives in Ottawa, Canada. She has a 

Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University, Ottawa. Her passion as an artist compelled her to focus 

more on creating art as well as teaching. Suzanne has been teaching art for over a decade, locally and internationally.



"My paintings are a personal exposition into the depths of my innermost feelings, manifesting a piece of myself onto every canvas. The images created are an inception of the different emotions I'm experiencing during that period in time, infused throughout my artwork. Each time I complete a painting I feel that I have unveiled more of my internal self to the world. My paintings are not deliberate or proposed, I start my paintings with no introspection or ideas in my mind. It is a process of discovery, where I’m always curious of what the outcome will be.


"Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” (Michelangelo). For me it is the same concept, but instead of a block of stone, it's a canvas, that contains a hidden image that I must discover. 


My paintings include the use of acrylic paint applied heavily, with mixed media to create a lot of texture throughout my paintings.The texture acts as a guide to help me create the intricate details throughout my artwork. I use vibrant contrasting colours, to portray a dynamic visual effect.  My concept is meshing real life images with an abstract representation, thus portraying the world in an idealized impression. When one looks at my paintings they are engulfed visually by the energy of colours and textures throughout the painting, then lured into the painting even more by the detailed textures protruding out of the canvases. The viewer is visually entertained, by the constant, contented vitality found throughout my art work.


I am also fascinated by optical illusions, as I am very inquisitive about the human mind and how different individuals perceive the same images distinctively. The human mind and spirituality are subjects that I like to delve into,  to be knowledgeably aware of the human psyche, and character or nature,  in order for me to decipher why specific individuals display peculiar behaviours. In my collages images are metamorphosed and utilized in a way that is illusionary to the viewer. 


My objective is, "to captivate the viewer unceasingly!"